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Teaching English in Poland Without a Degree

You can teach English in Poland without a degree. The majority of teaching opportunities are in junior or high schools, although you can also teach private classes. The average hourly pay for these jobs is PS14/$23. Summer camps are also common opportunities and last four to eight weeks. It’s important to know the exact language requirements of the students and find out if they speak English. A TEFL certificate is also useful.

In recent years, the demand for native English speakers has soared in Poland. As more multinational companies have invested in the country, there is a corresponding demand for English teachers. Depending on the type of students, your courses may range from prep classes for competitive exams to conversational classes for adults. In general, you’ll find a wide variety of English teaching jobs in Poland. The key to finding a good one is knowing which degree program will suit your style of teaching.

To teach English in Poland, you’ll need to obtain a TEFL certification. TEFL training provides you with the necessary training, but it doesn’t guarantee practical teaching experience. TEFL certificates are widely recognized, but they don’t guarantee a job in the country. The TEFL certification from Trinity or CELTA is not a guarantee of employment, although it’s worth looking into. You can also get an MA or DELTA if you have the money to pay for it. If you’re a foreigner and have experience teaching English, CELTA isn’t a bad way to get started.

TEIP is another way to teach English in Poland without a degree. While most teaching contracts are for one year, there are also short-term teaching positions. These jobs are often available during summer and mid-year, but you’ll have to be flexible. In many cases, the work load is relatively low, and the teaching hours range from twenty to thirty hours per week. Classes typically range from five to fifty students.

The benefits of teaching English in Poland are well-known. The country is inexpensive, safe for women, and has a great work-life balance. The weather in Poland is pleasant year-round, with snowy winters and hot, sunny summers. You’ll love the fast-paced culture of Warsaw, historical cities like Krakow, and charming small towns like Wroclaw. However, it’s best to check the requirements of a particular school before you apply.

Travelling to Poland is a relatively easy process. The public transport system is very efficient, and the cost of living is cheap. You can even get accommodation for free or very cheap in Poland. The Polish people are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and they’re eager to learn English. However, it’s important to brush up on your Polish language before you go. If you’re unsure, it’s worth checking into a degree program before you decide to travel.

If you’re not prepared to teach in a school that requires a degree, you can always look for an open position elsewhere. Many schools offer accommodation, so it is worth it to look in the classifieds. Otherwise, you can approach a school directly. Most of the schools will assist you with obtaining your visa and work permit. Most of the time, they will also pay for your plane tickets, although you may need to arrange your own health insurance. As far as the weather is concerned, Poland is a beautiful country, full of stunning architecture and interesting museums.

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