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Teaching English in Asia Without a Degree

If you have always dreamed of teaching English in another country but don’t have a university degree, there are still ways to teach English in Asia without a degree. Some countries require a full bachelor’s degree for a teaching position, while others don’t require any formal education at all. For instance, two-year associate’s degrees can lead to teaching jobs in China and Taiwan. Though job markets in these countries can be competitive, having teaching experience in other countries will increase your chances of landing a teaching job.

Finding paid teaching jobs in Asian countries without a degree can be challenging, but you can start your search by gaining classroom experience. Whether it’s by volunteering at a local school or teaching English to students in your own country, real-life classroom experience is an invaluable asset. In order to obtain this, you can consider completing a TEFL or CELTA course, either online or in an intensive CELTA program. If you don’t have any teaching experience, you can still volunteer at community centers in Asia. Volunteering is an excellent way to network and make friends before settling into a new country.

Teaching English in Southeast Asia without a degree is possible in Cambodia. It’s an excellent place for travelers who don’t have a degree, as it’s a very friendly country. Additionally, there’s a high demand for English teachers in Cambodia, so a degree is not essential. Teaching English in Cambodia is easy, and you can get hired easily using online job sites or third-party agencies. You can also find private language schools in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. You can even teach business English in these places, which is highly sought-after in private language schools.

If you don’t have a university degree, but are keen to teach English abroad, you can opt for a short-term program in Asia. These programs last for around six months and typically include accommodation, meals, and a stipend. Apart from the program fees, you’ll have to pay for your flights and visas. Visa requirements vary from country to country, so it’s best to research the regulations of your host country before applying for a teaching job in Asia.

Although China has no official working holiday program, you can still apply for teaching jobs in the country. Hong Kong also offers a working holiday visa for those with no university degree. Hong Kong also has a high demand for English teachers, so you can get a decent income teaching in these countries. The downside to Asia is that it’s not a cheap country to live in, but it’s not an expensive place to live and work.

There are many countries in Asia where you can find a job as an English teacher, but you may have to look hard. However, the pay is often not as good as teaching in the western world, so it’s vital to finish your degree before moving to these countries. If you do find a teaching position in Asia, you’ll have the chance to enjoy an unforgettable experience. While you’re there, don’t forget to take some time to research the best country and location.

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